The Energys May Horizon Scan: helping futureproof green business

Efficiency in education

As the summer stretches ahead of us, we’ve spotted a welcome emphasis on how schools should be upping the ante on energy efficiency.

Education Executive is reporting that throughout the education sector, there’s an increasing awareness of the benefits of implementing a well-rounded energy efficiency plan.

Crucially, the journal notes that holistic planning is key to sustainable energy in schools.

It writes: ‘For example, many schools begin addressing their energy usage by installing LED lighting; however, a school taking a holistic approach may also consider whether they could install lighting sensors, energy management systems, new insulation, boilers and solar PV within the same project.

‘An added benefit to this approach, on top of the associated high energy savings, is that installing a number of projects at once helps save money on design, installation and labour costs, while also minimising disruption on site.’

This approach matches our experience at Energys, and is especially worthwhile when one considers that soon, the long summer holidays will be with us.

This is an ideal time when schools might consider energy efficiency solutions, with plenty of downtime to get the measures installed and signed off before pupils return to their studies.

A word on the smarter futures schools can imagine is welcome too; ‘Energy waste can also be reduced by updating energy control systems,’ writes the journal.

‘New smart technologies allow for more precise control, especially if combined with an energy management system. This gives schools the ability to quickly, easily and, often, automatically adjust their energy systems to meet their needs in real time.’

Homes efficiency under scrutiny

Less welcome is news that the domestic side of energy efficiency is taking a bash. The Telegraph reports the Government’s effort to bring down the cost of energy by upgrading Britain’s draughtiest homes is under attack, after it emerged that cuts to the scheme mean it would take 400 years to complete.

It seems that, under new plans, ministers intend to slash the pace at which the least efficient households will receive insulation upgrades. Better heat conservation can knock hundreds of pounds a year off electricity and gas bills.

A spokesman for E.On UK, a big six energy supplier, said: “Overall, as a country we need to bring the energy efficiency of homes up to the level that is right for the 21st century, and which could save many hundreds of pounds off the annual energy bill.”

At Energys, we deal with commercial energy efficiency, but that doesn’t mean we take our eyes off the domestic sector. Price caps seem to have taken centre stage here, perhaps at a cost to efficiency.

A refocusing of policy to get Britain’s homes using less heat and electricity would be most welcome.

Can the UK reach net zero emissions by 2050?

The Guardian examines how fit the UK is to truly lead the world on low carbon.

It writes; “More wind farms, solar power and electric cars: these are likely to be the future of the UK, under government plans announced this week to seek a zero-carbon economy in the next 30 years.”

It appears that last month, Government Minister Claire Perry made the surprise announcement that she would ask the Committee on Climate Change, the government’s statutory advisers on climate change, to consider ways the UK could become “net zero-carbon” by 2050.

The commitment was widely interpreted, says The Guardian, as laying the groundwork for a major change to the UK’s long-term climate policy. Currently, ministers are pledged to cutting emissions by 80% by 2050.
And efficiency could play a major role. Dustin Benton, Policy Director at Green Alliance, told the paper; “The government would have to bring forward new measures as a matter of urgency.

“The government has made real progress on some issues, such as diesel cars and offshore wind, but there are glaring holes in areas such as energy efficiency and onshore renewables.”

We will keep an eye on this story, and alert you to any changes. Any re-examination of UK climate policy must deliver energy efficiency as a key player.

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Energys Group energy projects shortlisted in prestigious ECA Awards

ECA Awards shortlisted Logo 2018-01

The team at Energys Group is celebrating its shortlisting in the prestigious ECA Award in the category ‘Best Energy Solutions project’ for two separate projects, one carried out for BT plc, and the other for Ormiston & Brooke Weston Multi-Academy Trust group. Both projects have delivered solid and substantial energy savings across multiple buildings and sites, and without disruption to their operations.

Since its foundation in 1901, the ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association) has been leading and influencing the UK’s electrotechnical and engineering services industry, representing the interests of contractors who design, install, inspect, test and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services. Its annual awards champion excellence in electrical contracting, and are highly sought-after.

Energys Group is on an elite list of 26 businesses recognised for their outstanding performance and achievements in the last year, with categories including ‘Contractor of the Year’, ‘Best Energy Solutions Project’ and ‘Excellence in Training and Development’.

An independent panel of judges was convened in April to consider all entries and compile the shortlist. Adjudicator and ECA Director of Member Services Helen Atkinson commented: “The number and quality of entries this year was impressive; whittling down the shortlist was no easy task. I would like to congratulate all the nominees, and also thank this year’s entrants for the significant time and effort they put into their award entries. I’m very much looking forward to meeting many of these organisations at our industry-leading Awards Dinner ceremony in June where the winners will be announced.”

Energys Group Managing Director, Kevin Cox says, “We are pleased to have been recognised by our peers, with both our entries being highly rated as projects that are not just delivering excellent energy savings, but doing so in a way that is recognised as of the highest quality.

“Energys is trusted by government, utilities and private-sector clients to deliver large-scale energy efficiencies in the built environment; and these projects are proof of our ability to do so on big schemes for major corporations and educational groups.

“We’re looking forward to the Awards event evening, to celebrating our work and enjoying the opportunity the event provides to connect with and share insights with our colleagues and peers.”

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Energys Group and Impact Solutions formalise their business relationship – introducing Energys Ireland

Exciting development just the start of a whole new chapter for Energys Group in Ireland

Energys Group, the UK’s leading supplier and installer of retrofit low-carbon technologies to major projects for Public Sector agencies, including NHS, MOD and DfE, has today (2nd May) announced that long-term partner Impact Solutions has now joined the group to form Energys Ireland.

Ian ODriscoll 1
Ian O’Driscoll.

Ian O’Driscoll of Impact Solutions confirmed the news, saying: “We have been working closely with Energys Group for the past 10 years, helping to launch their innovative suite of New Vision LED products and services in Ireland.

“The mutual decision to become part of the Energys Group family directly will enable us to be even more competitive, and to drive growth in the exciting Irish market.”

Ian was a Senior Sales Engineer with Molex Interconnect prior to starting Impact Solutions with Jim Mulcahy over ten years’ ago where the pair first represented Energys Group in Ireland on the innovative ‘Save it Easy’ range.

Kevin Cox - managing director
Kevin Cox.

Kevin Cox, MD of Energys Group, also confirming the news: “We are delighted to announce the news and also excited at the prospects for Energys Ireland.

We have built a close relationship with Impact Solutions and this is the logical next step for both businesses.

It enables Energys Group to have a corporate presence in Ireland and gives the Impact Solutions  team access to the full range of support the Energys Group offers.”

NHS boards under increased scrutiny on sustainability and transformation of the service

Powerful Parliamentary committee adds weight to calls for Trusts to stop “raiding” infrastructure budgets to fund running costs

The Committee of Public Accounts is appointed by the House of Commons to examine “the accounts showing the appropriation of the sums granted by Parliament to meet the public expenditure, and of such other accounts laid before Parliament as the committee may think fit” (Standing Order No.148).

As such it holds a powerful oversight brief on all aspects of government spending and regularly meets with government ministers and NHS officials, as well as those from other departments.

Its most recent report into ‘Sustainability and transformation in the NHS’ has been released and has laid out, in harsh terms, its criticism of the financial status of the NHS.

It states that, “Despite a rescue fund worth £1.8 billion in 2016–17, the financial position of the NHS remains in a perilous state. The NHS is still very much in survival mode, with budgets unable to keep pace with demand. The Department of Health and Social Care (the Department), NHS England and NHS Improvement are too focused on propping up the system and balancing the books in the short term and have not paid enough attention on transforming and improving patient services in the long term.”

Indeed, the Committee goes on to say, “We are disappointed that the Department’s lack of action means we have to repeat some of the same messages as our previous reports on the dangers of short-term measures used to balance the NHS budget and the risks of raiding investment funds to meet day-to-day spending. Despite our earlier warnings, the Department has not yet assessed the impact on patients or services of repeatedly raiding its capital budget to fund the short-term needs of the NHS.”

Energys Group Managing Director, Kevin Cox says, “While it is acknowledged there is important work going on by individual trusts, to develop low-carbon measures and make considerable savings that will positively impact the financial sustainability of the NHS, more work must be done by the industry to support trusts right across the service.

“There is no doubt that estates managers, financial managers and CEOs of trusts have a huge burden of responsibility to their patients and staff, especially when it comes to ensuring the financial viability of the service they provide. The answers they need are not always immediately obvious and this is where the commercial agility and specialist knowledge of suppliers such as Energys Group, can help them deliver smart estate-wide savings on projects of various sizes.

“Energys works with leading manufacturers of energy-efficient technologies across the lighting, heating and controls sectors, consulting, specifying and designing bespoke systems for public-sector projects across the UK. Energys has proven its ability to help organisations significantly reduce carbon emissions, on projects of varying sizes, estate-wide and to achieve significant ROI within specified time-limits.”

Talk to the Energys team today about how they can help you achieve significant savings across your estates 01403 786 212.

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