Compliance + Standards

Taking it seriously

Energys Group takes certification and compliance very seriously. Certified and tested products ensure user safety, as well as a uniform level of manufacturing quality.

Compliance with EN (BSEN) 60598

Energys Group has been deeply concerned by the lack of clarity surrounding the standards set for the T5 retrofit market. Energys spent eight months working alongside German testing house, VDE, to sweep away any ambiguity in this regard.

If a retrofit lamp converter does not conform to the above standards, its manufacturer/supplier cannot legally carry the CE mark. For a product to meet the criteria required for a CE Mark, it would need to provide a detailed technical file or a certificate of compliance with the relevant unified standard (i.e. EN 60598)

EN (BSEN) 60598 provides a clear benchmark, and consumers can now have peace of mind in knowing exactly what stringent standards are required of a T5 retrofit product such as Save It Easy.

  • Save It Easy conforms to the EN (BSEN) 60598 standard required to comply with the Low Voltage Directive.

Save It Easy’s compliance with the Low Voltage Directive will help customers to distinguish it from other T5 retrofit technologies.