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T8 & T5 Fluorescent Ban: 2023/24

Start planning for the future: The Government is banning the sale of T8 & T5 linear fluorescent lamps*.

The UK government has confirmed that the following light bulbs cannot be placed on the market*.

  • Fluorescent T8 Tubes (2 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot only) –  [from Sept 1st 2023]
  • T8 (other lengths) – [from Sept 2nd 2023]
  • T5 – [from Feb 1st 2024]
  • T5/T8 Long-life (≥25,000h) – Feb 1st 2024]

This means that once stocks run out, it will be illegal to sell lamps that contain mercury – with some exceptions. We are urging our customers to ‘get ready’ for the ban well in advance of the deadline date.  If your organisation is still using outdated, inefficient T8 lamps, it’s time to make the move to LED. You’ll benefit from major energy savings as well as improved light quality and reduced maintenance

Get ready: Make the move to LED now!

*NoteAs advised by the Lighting Industries Association (LIA),  the lamp types listed here cannot be placed on the market from the stated dates. This list only covers the most significant general lighting lamps, please check the DEFRA website for a comprehensive list. 

To view a list of other lamps that contain mercury which will be banned for sale – view the LIA’s helpful fact-sheet here.

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