Energy Efficiency Funding Options

Off-Balance Sheet Leasing

Making projects a reality

Energys’s off-balance sheet lighting leasing scheme helps you protect yourself from future electricity price rises at today’s historically low cost of borrowing.


  • Our lease is a standard commercial lease which allows the customer to have use of the products for the payment of a monthly amount.
  • There is no capital requirement.
  • The lease is structured so that the assets are ‘off balance sheet’.
  • The monthly payments are always less than the monthly savings.

In this way, we are able to provide you with an upgraded lighting system, together with a full parts and labour warranty – meaning that you will have no on-going service costs – and, in addition, you will release funds for other projects.

There is no link between the lease payment and any eventual ownership of the equipment.

As part of our service, we will be happy to provide a detailed quote for the project, which will include an energy savings calculation, together with an analysis of the monthly and annual cash benefit to you.

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