In the unlikely event that you have any problems with your installation or one of our products, please contact us at any time. However, for your peace of mind, the Energys team will also call you or visit your site on a number of set occasions:

  • 6 weeks after installation – Follow-up
    This is your chance to make any queries or comments – good or bad. If there are problems, we will deal with them immediately.
  • 6 months after installation – Second follow-up
    Again, we will check with you that everything is running smoothly.
  • 1 year after installation – On-site meeting and product ‘health check’
    We’ll visit your site to check the performance and maintenance of the installation. (For boilers, we will also carry out a yearly data download and boiler performance review if you have included this in your contract.)

To reduce any unexpected maintenance headaches, we also provide the following courtesy calls:

  • Warranty Expiry
    When the warranty on your product is about to expire, we’ll let you know and discuss options for extending your warranty and support.
  • Product lifespan
    Many of the products we supply, especially lamps, have a finite life expectancy. In order to avoid unexpected failures due to products reaching the end of their service life, we will automatically contact you prior to the expected end of life, in order to discuss your options with regard to product replacement or upgrade.