Compressed Air Leaks

Save upto £700 a year

We provide energy-saving sound surveys to help you to remove compressed air and other gas leaks.

Our Sound Survey is a comprehensive site survey, using a digital probe to listen to pipework and machinery, to identify costly problems like gas and compressed air leaks. The savings identified are typically around £700 per leak, per year.

A compressed air leak of just 3mm diameter can cost more than £700 a year in wasted energy, and that figure is generally even greater for gasses (according to The Carbon Trust). A Sound Survey can help to unlock energy savings and drive down carbon emissions

  • Non-intrusive site survey
  • Identify costly leaks
  • Detect potential bearing failure
  • Unlock savings of £700+/leak/year
  • Save energy and cut carbon

Compressed air and gas leaks

When any gas (such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) passes through a leak, it will generate a turbulent flow with detectable high frequency components. Energys will scan the pipework (even if it is behind cladding) and find even the smallest leak.

When scanning the area with our sound survey device, the leak can be heard through the headset and/or displayed on the monitor. We can overcome ambient noise with a focusing probe to narrow the instrument’s reception field.

Bearing detection

The Sound Survey can also be used to find out if the bearings in machinery are under- or over-lubricated and detect the earliest stage of bearing failure.

This makes it an essential tool for planning preventative maintenance works. Since over-lubricated bearings mean that their life expectancy is reduced, correcting this problem can also reduce machinery costs.

Quantifiable report

Following each survey, a report is produced, which identifies the costs of each problem and the remedial works that need to be undertaken.

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