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LED Retrofit for 4 Pin 2D Lamps

Lighting by New Vision

The Energys LED retrofit for 4 pin 2D lamps mark a major breakthrough in this technology.screen shot 2D led 2

The range includes a dimmable version, driven by a high specification motion sensor which runs at just 1W when in dimmed mode and only powers up to the full 9.5W when motion is detected. Therefore in most situations the actual savings will be well in excess of 90%. The motion sensor itself is a microwave sensor for reliable operation and has 16 preset times making setting and controlling it very easy and straightforward.

These LED retrofit lamps will work in both standard fittings and emergency fittings without any additional parts or modifications – a first for this technology.

All of the lamps in the range boast very high efficacy and standard power consumption of just 9.5W – a saving of 23.5W when compared with the 2D CFL it is replacing. Lamp life is up to 6 times longer than the lamps they are replacing and they are ideal for high- switching environments where the ‘instant-on’ nature of LEDs is a huge advantage.


The lamps are available in three colours – warm white, cool white and daylight.

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  • 65% energy saving at full power
  • Dimmable version available – up to 95% savings
  • Operates with or without magnetic ballast in circuit Simple retrofit into switchstart or HF fittings
  • Up to 6 times longer life
  • Thermal detection / shutdown
  • 16 pre-set timers
  • Wide operating voltage (85 to 265V AC) Emergency version available
  • Lumen Efficacy as >120 lm/Watt