LED Upgrades

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LED Tube Lamps

Lighting by New Vision

Our New Vision range of LED Tube lamps represent the very best combination of performance and value for money.

T8 and T12 tubes, ranging from 2ft to 8ft, can be replaced with the latest, long-lasting, high-efficiency LEDs. Whether performance or energy-saving is the top priority, Energys can offer T8 replacements that meet the specification – and without the usual high price tag of LED.

Product Features:

  • Total life expectancy: 50,000 hours (MTBF)
  • Typical payback period: 1-2 years based on just the energy savings (substantially shorter if maintenance costs are taken into account)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Mercury-free and safe for all applications
  • Compliant with the latest standards
  • LED Emergency Kit available

Product types:

We offer two types of New Vision LED replacement lamps for T8 fluorescent lamps:

PRO series – for best light output and quality of light

ECO series – for best energy savings and ROI