LED Upgrades

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LED Wall + Ceiling Lamps

Lighting by New Vision

Our New Vision Wall and Ceiling Lights can be used in a wide range of applications – and are often chosen as a high-performance alternative to traditional 2D fittings.  Delivering a powerful combination of maximum performance (50-80% energy savings) and the highest levels of efficacy, each product is supplied with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. A range of shapes and sizes is available.

Key Features: 

  • Advanced LED chips with efficacy of over 150 lumens per watt – giving over 85 lumens per watt on the overall fixture performance inclusive of Driver and Optical losses.
  • Low glare due to the even spread of light over a large surface area makes these light fittings ideal for schools, offices, hospitals, factories and indeed anywhere computers are used or where staff or the building users are focussed on tasks for lengthy periods of time.
  • All metal and plastic case together with TPa grade polycarbonate diffuser means that there is no glass, mercury or other hazardous substances (unlike CFL lamps) which means these light fittings are not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly and very safe.
  • Can be upgraded to emergency fitting with a simple ‘plug-in’ module.
  • Unique driver module design with selectable power output allows the user to modify lighting levels and energy consumption to optimise the installation – all fittings in the New Vision range are powered by just two different ‘plug and play’ drivers.
  • LED Emergency Kit available