T5 Retrofit

Cut costs by upto 65%

At the heart of our business is the patented ‘Save It Easy’ T5 retrofit lighting technology. Energys has over 1.5 million of its Save It Easy devices installed across Europe.

Save It Easy is a plug-in T5 adapter that allows replacement of old-style fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient equivalents in the existing light fittings. This proven technology will significantly reduce your lighting costs, with potential energy savings of 65%.

It is also easy to install – thereby avoiding disruptive ‘downtime’ during the installation period, as well as reducing maintenance costs.

How does Save It Easy work?

  • Transforms the energy efficiency of your existing fluorescent lighting with plug-in speed and simplicity.
  • Converts your old-style luminaires to H/F operation and achieves 37% to 65% energy savings with T5 and T8 lamps.
  • Offers the modern and affordable route to lighting energy efficiency – inexpensive, durable and proven.

Find out more by visiting our dedicated lighting website: Save It Easy