Specialist in low-carbon retrofit technologies, Energys Group, is launching a lease arrangement for its energy-efficient lighting products. The scheme allows for instant carbon reduction and savings on electricity costs, but requires no capital investment and keeps the debt ‘off balance sheet’.

The new Energys funding scheme, which is subject to credit status, uses a standard commercial lease structure. Customers can take advantage of the energy-saving potential of the well-established retrofit lighting converter, ‘Save It Easy®’, without paying upfront costs.

Save It Easy allows energy-efficient T5 lamps to be slotted into the existing fluorescent light fittings, unlocking energy savings of up to 65%. The massive savings on offer mean that Energys is able to supply its customers with a full lighting installation (including Save It Easy converters, T5 lamps and other necessary equipment), and by utilising a simple lease agreement, there is no capital cost with payments made monthly.

The Lease will be structured so that right from day one, the monthly payments on the lease will be completely covered by the financial savings that result from lower electricity bills. The client keeps all the remaining savings and also benefits from a greener site with a smaller carbon footprint and no further maintenance costs for the lighting system for the duration of the lease.

Off Balance Sheet

Because the customer ‘rents’ the new energy-efficient lighting system from Energys, the lease can be treated as ‘off balance sheet’, rather than a form of purchase. Once the lease has reached its full term, the customer has the option of purchasing the energy-efficient lighting system from Energys at a nominal price.

Peace of Mind

All of the lighting equipment is covered by an Energys warranty for the duration of the lease period, giving the customer complete peace of mind. Supply and fit of the equipment is included as standard, and Energys’s dedicated customer services division can also perform all necessary on-going maintenance, if needed. All of this can be covered by the lease’s monthly payments.

Kevin Cox, Technical Director of Energys Group, comments: “Rising energy costs mean that organisations are losing money for every day they keep in place outdated fluorescent lighting systems that they can’t afford to upgrade. The new Energys lease arrangement offers a way out: energy-efficient lighting with no upfront costs, and the monthly payments will always be covered by the savings in electricity costs.”

He adds: “By keeping the debt off balance sheet, the Energys funding scheme provides a risk-free way to reap the rewards of low-carbon technology. For Carbon Reduction Commitment participants, and for those with environmental targets to meet, it’s a win-win situation.”

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