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Public sector frameworks

We are a trusted, approved delivery partner on many of the UK’s leading decarbonisation and building services Framework agreements.

Framework agreements are widely used in Public Sector Procurement to remove the barriers to energy efficiency by streamlining complex procurement processes and creating a faster route to market.

Using pre-negotiated, EU-regulation-compliant contracts that can be used with a group of prequalified suppliers, like Energys Group, ensures an efficient and cost-effective delivery – and administrative savings too.

We are approved to deliver LED lighting products, installation and maintenance by several public sector procurement organisations.

Approved framework partner

We are an approved delivery partner on several leading public sector procurement frameworks.

Framework Approved

Energys Group has been selected as one of a handful of partners to deliver Lexica’s Trading’s energy saving LED Lighting Framework to NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations.

Lexica runs a free to use LED Lighting Framework that supports the whole public sector to deliver carbon and ongoing cost maintenance savings, as well as improve lighting services. It is the only UK framework available to provide guaranteed savings for each project.

NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations are able to use the framework to procure public sector compliant suppliers for their energy saving LED lighting projects.

Energys Group is able to provide a range of services to NHS Trusts under this framework:

Unusually, the Lexica LED Lighting Framework guarantees that if the expected cost savings are not reached within the contract period, then the supplier will have to pay the difference. Suppliers have been appointed for up to four years after a rigorous selection process.

NHS Trusts wishing to take advantage of recently announced funding mechanisms for NHS lighting upgrades can take advantage of the Lexica LED Lighting Framework Agreements.

This pre-qualification process ensures both an efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Energys Group is an approved supplier (Lot 1: All-Encompassing Technologies) to the Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework developed by Lexica.

Lexica has developed a Zero Carbon Delivery Framework Agreement to provide a model for public sector bodies wanting to implement low/zero-carbon technologies.

Lexica’s fully compliant and OJEU procured public sector framework includes industry-leading suppliers – including Energys Group – who can facilitate the delivery of net-zero carbon for our clients through the installation and management of the latest technological breakthroughs. The Framework Agreement is open to all public sector bodies aiming to progress zero carbon ambitions in line with legislative and sector-led reduction targets.

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LASER Energy Buying Group has established a framework agreement for the supply and installation of LED lighting equipment. The framework is available for use by all public sector bodies. It is designed to provide a compliant procurement route whilst delivering access to a wider range of equipment from all major manufacturers, flexibility around the selection of equipment, significant volume discounts and installers with national capability.

The current framework consists of three LOTs and is in place until June 2024. Energys Group (Energy Conservation Solutions Limited), is pre-qualified to supply under LOT 3 Supply and Installation of LED Lighting and Associated Equipment.

YPO provides procurement solutions for public sector organisations to set up or renew contracts for a wide range of services. Established in 1974 by a group of 13 local authorities, it is the UK’s largest public sector buying organisation and is still 100% publicly-owned today.

Energys Group (Energy Conservation Solutions Limited) is approved to supply and install LED lighting / and LED lighting supply and maintenance services (Lots 1, 2, 3) under the Low Energy Lighting and Low Energy Electrical Heating Systems Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) framework.

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The Fusion 21 Energy Efficiency Framework is designed to support energy efficiency improvements to both domestic and non-domestic buildings. Like all frameworks from Fusion21, the Energy Efficiency Framework only features pre-qualified, accredited supply partners.

Energys Group (Energy Conservation Solutions Limited) is approved to supply LED lighting under Lot 7 of this framework.

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Bristol City Council (BCC) has created a 4 year Decarbonisation Partnerships: Framework to advise, survey, design, supply and install the following non-domestic energy efficiency services: — LED Lighting and controls, and other energy and building services efficiency improvements. The geographical coverage of the framework is across the south, south west and south Wales, with the main location of delivery Bristol.

Energys Group (Energy Conservation Solutions Limited) is one of 17 suppliers approved to: advise, survey, design, supply and install LED lighting and controls.

Energys Group is an approved supplier on the Everything FM framework; the fully compliant and fast innovative new framework, providing quality facilities management solutions. The framework gives public sector users the opportunity to directly award contract to us or run a mini competition between us and two other appropriate suppliers, thereby reducing bidding time and costs. Find out more:

We’re an approved NHS Framework supplier

Financing energy efficient lighting in schools doesn’t have to be complicated. Our long-term, no-risk leasing scheme is specifically designed for the education sector, it delivers the best economic value over the life of the solution – and, it’s cash positive from the outset.

The Government is banning the sale of T8 & T5 linear fluorescent lamps

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