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Public sector frameworks

Approved delivery partner

Framework agreements are widely used in Public Sector Procurement to remove the barriers to energy efficiency by streamlining complex procurement processes and creating a faster route to market.

Using pre-negotiated, EU-regulation-compliant contracts that can be used with a group of prequalified suppliers, like Energys Group, ensures an efficient and cost-effective delivery – and administrative savings too.

We are approved to deliver LED lighting products, installation and maintenance by several public sector procurement organisations.

Approved framework partner

We are an approved delivery partner on several leading public sector procurement frameworks.

Framework Approved

We’re an approved NHS Framework supplier

Financing energy efficient lighting in schools doesn’t have to be complicated. Our long-term, no-risk leasing scheme is specifically designed for the education sector, it delivers the best economic value over the life of the solution – and, it’s cash positive from the outset.

£500m DfE Energy Efficiency Fund

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