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Delivering energy efficiency
into the built infrastructure

Energys Group’s carbon reduction expertise is trusted and relied upon by organisations across the UK including public sector, education, healthcare and industry to help deliver their Net Zero ambitions.


Stay informed with our blogs, guides and explainers on the latest energy policy news, funding streams and market drivers.

Big enough to cope,
small enough to care

Our business is structured so that it is big enough to cope with the most demanding of projects, yet small enough to care about each and every one of them.

Whatever you need, we provide support at every stage of your carbon reduction journey.

Getting to Net Zero.

We are actively helping the UK Government departments, 1000s of schools, colleges and NHS Trusts and British industry to meet their carbon reduction targets by reducing demand and making buildings more energy efficient.

Global carbon emissions from buildings
Typical savings from our lighting controls
Typical energy savings from our LED upgrades

Delivering savings since 2005...

£ 100
Total savings (today's cost)
Total CO2 reduction (kg)
Total of light fittings upgraded
Total energy saved (kWh)

Can we help with your Net Zero Journey?

We’ve helped over 1000 schools with their energy efficiency challenges. If your school or college wants to beat the rising cost of energy, with more energy efficient technology – let’s talk – Stand J26

What our customers say...

“Upgrading the lighting system brings us one step closer towards becoming sustainable, and we’re looking forward to introducing more green projects in the future.”
Sheif Khalifa
Sustainability Manager, Pavilions Administration Ltd
"It was reassuring that Energys Group’s engineers took the health and safety aspects of our company very seriously. "
Adam Fairman
Energy Innovation and Programme Manager, Welsh Water
"I would recommend Energys to other colleges considering energy efficiency upgrades that pay back quickly. Despite the scale and scope of the project, it will pay for itself in just over 2.5 years."
John Hunt
Facilities Manager, Hackney Community College
"We are really delighted by the impact of the investment and our cooperation with Energys."
Bob Herring
Premises Manager, BSix Sixth Form College, Hackney
"It was obvious from the outset that as soon as the New Vision LED lighting was installed we had made the right decision, with much improved lighting levels and instantly reduced energy costs."
James Delea,
Managing Director, Prompto Despatch Ltd.
"Staff feedback has been great, and it’s good to see that this investment has improved working conditions, while saving us money and contributing towards our efforts to reduce energy consumption and emissions."
Richard Hudson
Procurement Manager for Energy, YPO (Public Sector Procurement)
"The quality of the lighting really enhances the facilities and has had immediate impact on customer feedback."
Mark Ford
Southeast Regional Technical Manager, Everyone Active
“Because of the Salix funding the school is essentially not incurring any additional costs for the project, since repayments can be made from the energy savings.”
James Doherty
School Premises Manager, Harry Gosling Primary School
“There is no upfront investment capital needed and the repayments are covered by the money we will save on energy. All of the lighting is fully maintained for the duration of the lease, so there will be no surprises.”
Kevin Heritage
School Business Manager, Wheatley Park School
“The project went smoothly and there was no impact on college activities. But above all we would highlight the quality of the new lighting – it is much more consistent and comfortable for staff and students.”
Ruth Lomax
Communications Director, Hackney Community College
“I couldn’t quite believe the transformation this project made to lighting quality throughout our school.”
Mrs Crittenden
Headteacher, West Borough Primary School
"Energys Group offered a comprehensive proposal at a highly competitive price and, importantly, they came highly recommended by other business managers within Tower Hamlets."
Runa Begum
Business Manager, Osmani Primary School
"Energys Group provided the right mix of cost-competitiveness and quality within their tender response and we were particularly pleased to see their commitment to post installation aftercare."
Saleh Ahmed
School Business Manager, Lansbury Lawrence

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