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£500m DfE Energy Efficiency Fund: How Energys can help

DfE is encouraging schools to act quickly on grants to spend on energy efficiency initiatives.

The Department for Education is allocating nearly £500m for UK schools and colleges to spend on energy efficiency initiatives which includes LED lighting and heating upgrades.

This is FREE money and does not have to be repaid. The DfE is encouraging schools – wherever possible – to spend this money quickly, ideally within this financial year to maximise savings whilst energy costs are at a significant premium. If this cannot be achieved schools have until 05.04.2025, but delays will reduce the financial benefits achievable. A list of awards by school can be seen hereEnergys has an additional £3 million DfE compliant funding available if the allocated grant is insufficient to cover the full cost of your project. For more detail on how this works see here.

Our LED lighting typically delivers savings of c 70%, and installation is cash positive from day 1.

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