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Indoor Air Quality

Air purification for schools, academies and businesses. 

Our approach to Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is one of the UK’s biggest public health challenges damaging quality of life and leading to a shortening of life for many people. Which is why, we now offer a Clean air as a Service model– supported by a first come first served £3.5m fund – to drive uptake of cleaner, safer air. We know that both short-term, high-pollution episodes and long-term exposure to lower levels of pollution can be detrimental to health, wellbeing and even cognitive performance.

Right now, the pressure is on for schools and offices workers and businesses to return to some semblance of normality. Safe working and safe learning shouldn’t be down to opening the windows. We’ve worked hard to scrutinise the market for proven technologies that provide answers to the challenge. We believe we have a world-class solution.

Introducing Goji Air

Goji Air by Energys is one of the most powerful air quality technologies available on the market. With its patented technology, it sanitises and protects like no other air purifier and is trusted by a multitude of businesses and facilities around the world including hospitals, schools, transport operators, wellness clinics, residential care homes and in the hospitality industry. Goji Air is also the only medical grade air purification system with NCCO Technology.

While other filter products gather contaminated particles and odours, Goji Air breaks down the trapped pollutants and odours, converting the carcinogenic waste and bad stuff into water and carbon dioxide. Cleaner and greener (there are no polluted filters to return to landfill), Goji Air is proven to capture and destroy 99.95% of all airborne bacteria and viruses, including Human Coronavirus.

Introducing... Clean Air as a Service

Take advantage of our £3.5m clean air fund – Enquire now, it’s first come, first served!

How Goji Air works

Brands using Goji Air

Why Goji Air? Why now?

Delivering clean safe air, it’s not a moment too soon for Goji Air to be central to your Health & Safety strategy. And it’s no longer just about COVID-19…

Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on the importance of high-quality air filtration systems as a key means of creating a safe indoor environment. As was the case in the Far East during the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic twenty years ago, airborne viruses are most effectively defeated by a cleansing or replacing the air. But it’s not just viruses that we should be concerned about.

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