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About us

Energys Group is one of the UK’s leading decarbonisation businesses focussed on retro-fitting existing built infrastructures.

Founded in 1998 as an energy conservation consultancy, we are pioneering the delivery of turnkey low carbon products into both the private and public sectors. Our customer base includes over 1000 schools; hospitals; offices; shopping malls; and warehouses.

We operate at the very heart of the UK’s emerging low-carbon economy. In doing so, have supported thousands of carbon-conscious organisations as they move away from inefficient, energy-intensive building services technologies – to modern, greener alternatives. This includes LED lighting, low carbon heating, 24/7 energy monitoring & reporting, air purification and renewable energy technologies.

Technology. It's in our DNA.

Everything we design, manufacture, and install is designed to save you money.

Energys Group is unlike any other low carbon retrofit company you’ll meet. We offer a wide portfolio of energy efficiency products, renewable energy technologies and our own proprietary range of LED lighting. Because we are in control of the design and manufacture of so many of our products, you can expect our projects to deliver bigger, deeper savings – and faster ROI – than our competitors. As part of our promise, every project comes with guaranteed savings – we even give you the tools to monitor and validate it.

Quality & accreditations

We take our commitment to quality, safety and environment responsibility incredibly seriously.

Who we’ve helped

Over the last 18 years we have helped 1000s of schools and colleges, UK government departments, cost conscious local authorities and global brands we’ve helped to reduce CO2 emissions and save money eliminate 807 million kg of carbon from built environment emissions – this is equivalent to over 3 billion miles of driving in an average car[1].

Supporting your decarbonisation journey…

We don’t over-complicate, we don’t baffle with science, and we don’t over-engineer. We just listen to our customers, define the right solution for their application, and offer every level of support and guidance needed. Discover more about us in our Corporate Brochures.

The Government is banning the sale of T8 & T5 linear fluorescent lamps

Make the move to LED now!