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Boiler Optimisation

Using 15% less fuel

Our Dynamic Burner Management Unit (DBMU) Boiler Optimisers can improve the efficiency of your boiler, without affecting the temperature of the building.

DBMU is the only energy saving product whose performance has been independently certified by the Building Research Establishment – Certificate CFP 348.

Turnkey boiler optimisation

Energys’s turn-key service, including supply and fit, allows for retrofit installation of the boiler optimisation device. Because only access to the boiler room is required, installation involves minimal disruption.

Full maintenance of the Boiler Optimisers can be included in the package, in order to ensure complete peace of mind.

Read how our boiler optimisers helped Avon and Somerset Constabulary save an average of 18% on its energy bills.

High-energy T8 fluorescent lamp ban

The Government has banned the sale of lamps containing mercury.

Are you prepared? 

Make the switch to LED today.