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Funding options

Energys Group offers a range of funding options

Energy efficiency funding

Quick win solutions

Financing energy efficiency and energy resilience projects has never been easier. Thanks to our wide range of funding solutions for private and public sector organisations, are removing one of the most common barriers to decarbonisation projects – no CapEx! Our goal is the same as yours: we want to kick-start your pathway to lower energy bills.

Let us help you find the right funding solution for you.

Lighting for schools made easy

Financing energy efficient lighting in schools doesn’t have to be complicated. Our long-term, no-risk leasing scheme is specifically designed for the education sector, it delivers the best economic value over the life of the solution – and, it’s cash positive from the outset.

Our range of funding options

Energys Group has been selected as one of a handful of partners to deliver Lexica’s Trading’s energy saving LED Lighting Framework to NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations.

Lexica runs a free to use LED Lighting Framework that supports the whole public sector to deliver carbon and ongoing cost maintenance savings, as well as improve lighting services. It is the only UK framework available to provide guaranteed savings for each project.

NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations are able to use the framework to procure public sector compliant suppliers for their energy saving LED lighting projects.

Energys Group is able to provide a range of services to NHS Trusts under this framework:

Unusually, the Lexica LED Lighting Framework guarantees that if the expected cost savings are not reached within the contract period, then the supplier will have to pay the difference. Suppliers have been appointed for up to four years after a rigorous selection process.

NHS Trusts wishing to take advantage of recently announced funding mechanisms for NHS lighting upgrades can take advantage of the Lexica LED Lighting Framework Agreements.

This pre-qualification process ensures both an efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Energys Group offers a Fully Compliant Operating Lease tailored to the needs of schools and colleges.

Using our fully compliant flexible operating lease can help educational establishments to install our technologies without the need for capital investment.

Under the scheme, the school is able to pay for the equipment using the resulting savings on electricity bills.

Energys also offer energy saving financing to any other public sector organisations (including local government, hospitals, NHS Trusts, and more).

A scheme from Energys Group where your energy savings fund the project.

View our Pay from Savings brochure here

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) provides grants for public sector bodies to fund heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency measures. There are currently 3 phases of the scheme. Phase 3b was open to applications on July 2022. To find out how we’ve helped deliver over 70 PSDS funded LED Lighting projects under previous PSDS phases – read our case study.

The Government is banning the sale of T8 & T5 linear fluorescent lamps

Make the move to LED now!