Energys Group is urging public sector organisations to act swiftly to take advantage of the UK government’s major investment programme to drive decarbonisation as part of our journey to a low carbon future. 

The scheme – which enables public sector bodies to access a £1bn fund – will supply grants (not loans) to the public sector for energy reduction projects.  This includes Academies and Academy Trusts.

What kind of energy efficient technology is eligible?

A very wide range of energy efficient technologies including LED lighting are eligible for funding. However, there is a significant effort to de-carbonise heating.  This means, regardless of the technology (even if you want to apply for LED lighting) applicants will also need to provide a ‘heat de-carbonisation’ plan – the cost of which can be included in the grant –  or include an element of heating de-carbonisation in your project.

Tight timescales

The funds are being allocated against very tight timescales – both for the grant application itself and for project delivery, and priority will be given to projects with an early implementation date.

Since this is a grant not a loan we expect that there will be significant excess demand for the funds; so we urge interested organisations to act swiftly.

Update: All eligible bodies, including public sector bodies, central government departments and non-departmental public bodies applying to the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme can now submit applications up to the 11th January 2021.

How we can help

Energys is one of the UK’s most experienced energy retrofit businesses. Over the last 15 years, we have delivered energy efficiency upgrades to literally hundreds of schools, colleges and Government buildings. Here’s how we can help your organisation with this opportunity:

  • Undertake a survey and project proposal for LED lighting lighting controls and/or boiler control technologies
  • Support with the completion of the grant application paperwork
  • Provide guidance on procurement through a compliant framework
  • Produce a Heat Decarbonisation plan (where needed) to short time scales (in order to ensure you get the best chance to access these funds)

Next Steps

To find out if you can access this £1bn funding pot and get the ball rolling on your energy upgrade – effectively at zero cost and without making any formal commitment – give our team a call for an initial conversation.

There is nothing to lose by checking if you qualify and everything to gain if approved.

Call our dedicated HOTLINE to start the process with a FREE survey:

Education sector: Call Raj Gunasekaran or Ian Humphries on 01403 787435

NHS and Health: Call Geoff Skeates on 01403 787430

Government, local government and all other public sectors: Call Tom Webb on 01403 787438


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