Building on the success of low-energy lighting upgrades at 53 local-authority-maintained schools in Hertfordshire, Save It Easy® T5 retrofit converters are being rolled out to up to 475 schools in the area, using central government funding.

Since January 2013, schools in the Hertfordshire region have undertaken a significant programme to improve the energy saving of their lighting, in a bid to cut carbon dioxide emissions, reduce energy bills and minimise maintenance. Already, more than 15,000 retrofit Save It Easy converters from Energys Group (working in partnership with Onsite Renewables Ltd) have been installed across 53 schools.

53 schools already upgraded

Save It Easy converters allow new-generation, energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lamps to be slotted into the existing light fittings within the schools, unlocking typical energy savings of 37% to 65%. It’s already an achievement that 53 Hertfordshire schools have been upgraded in this way, but this represents only the tip of the iceberg.

Phase one of the programme is drawing to a close, but phase two is set to be even more ambitious. The original Save It Easy project was funded by the government-backed Salix scheme, which provides financing for public sector organisations installing carbon-saving equipment. Based on the success of this initial project – which is already reaping huge energy and CO2 savings for Hertfordshire and its schools – funding administered through central government has been secured to continue the roll-out.

Continued schools roll-out

A massive 475 Hertfordshire schools have been identified as suitable for Save It Easy lighting upgrades. Energys Group and its partner Onsite Renewables will continue to work with Hertfordshire schools as they sign up to take advantage of the central government funding. Energys Group, a specialist in low-carbon retrofit solutions, will also be offering the schools alternative types of low-energy lighting, including new fluorescent light fittings or LED replacements.

Kevin Cox, Technical Director of Energys Group, comments: “There is potential for approximately 134,000 light fittings across Hertfordshire’s schools to be upgraded to accept energy-saving lamps. As a result, we expect to see them make an enormous dent in their CO2 emissions.”

Removing the paperwork burden

Steve Cook, Managing Director of Onsite Renewables, comments: “We work extensively with schools that wish to cut carbon, helping to take the hassle out of projects like this, by assisting school bursars, head teachers and site managers with the funding application process. We’ve found that Hertfordshire schools staff are really enthusiastic about energy-saving technology, especially since they can be sure the technology is well-proven and the numbers stack up.”

He adds: “The rolling programme of Save It Easy upgrades has gone very smoothly. And it’s a trend we expect to see continue as more schools receive energy-efficient upgrades to their lighting. By removing the schools’ paperwork burden, including administration of the financing, the schools are free to reap important savings on CO2 emissions and energy and maintenance costs.”

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