As part of its commitment to strong standards surrounding compliance and procurement, Energys has received Gold accreditation from exor.

The exor scheme assesses, reviews and audits suppliers’ procedures and documentation. Only suppliers like Energys, which demonstrate they have met the highest standards in the market place in procurement risk management, are included on the exor database.

exor accreditation is a rigorous programme of conformity that verifies suppliers on a wide range of compliance issues including health and safety, finance, quality and the environment.

Its approach is thorough, robust and uncompromising: exor checks and independently validates all supplier information using a wide variety of data services, leaving clients with absolute confidence that their suppliers meet the required technical, legal and financial standards.

exor ensures supplier compliance in:

• Finance
• Health and safety
• Insurances
• Environmental
• Diversity and equality
• Certification and licensing obligations
• Quality


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