Energys Group, a leading energy efficiency technology provider, is taking its involvement with UK sports to a new level, sponsoring Ben Coleman, a world ranked squash professional

Energys Group is best known for delivering energy efficient technology into public and private sector organisations. This helps create greener buildings that use less energy, benefit the environment and offer us all more pleasant surroundings.


As part of this work, the Group also maintains a strong CSR portfolio. Within the Group’s wider goals, supporting the health, social and aspirational benefits of sport is a key interest.

“For these reasons, Energys Group is proud to sponsor Ben Coleman, a world-ranked UK squash player,” comments Kevin Cox, Managing Director at Energys Group.

“We hope his success will not only inspire other young people to get involved in sport, but also contribute to the pride we all take in our country and help us get our message on green technology further into the mainstream.”

Ben Coleman; the profile

1)    Aged 25
2)    Ranked 52 in the men’s world rankings
3)    Winner of 7 PSA world tour titles
4)    Professional for 6 years
5)    Part of the England squash team setup
6)    A former British junior champion and European team champion

The symbiosis; sustainability and sport

There is a natural logic to Energys Group’s involvement with Ben. ‘On paper, linking the power of sport to sustainable living initiatives makes plenty of sense,’ writes The Guardian. ‘Sport events and sporting affiliations contain many of the preconditions for promoting mass behaviour change.’

The point is simple; sport is aspirational, inspiring, all-engaging. These are just the elements Energys Group hopes can help deliver a greener UK, leading to new buildings packed full of energy efficient technology, offering us better places to live and work and minimising CO2 emissions.

“Sport has a massive power to move people, to inspire and to create,” says Kevin Cox. “By sponsoring Ben, we can not only help him, and those following him achieve their dreams. We can also get our message on sustainability out there, and show that in the same way sporting success requires dedication, so does the battle to combat climate change.

“We can create a double win here, one for Ben on the squash court and one for the environment, and for greener UK technologies, through our involvement and increased understanding of what it is we do.”

In addition, many sporting facilities, like gymnasiums and squash clubs themselves, are ideally placed to benefit from the sustainable technologies Energys supplies, like sustainable LED lighting.

“It’s a dual win,” concludes Cox. “We can help build more sustainable sporting facilities in this country, which will benefit future stars like Ben, and create greener, more carbon friendly places to watch sports players nourish their talent.”

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