For professionals wondering how to save energy in factories, retrofit LED solutions will deliver and perform better than legacy solutions. But choosing the best, well considered options and specifications depends on your exact scenario

The Carbon Trust says lighting typically consumes 20% of the electricity used in commercial and industrial buildings.

In these times of high energy prices, finding cost-effective ways to reduce levels of electricity consumed by lighting can deliver appreciable long-term reductions on business electricity bills.

But there is more to delivering sustainable solutions than picking the first LED that springs to mind.

Metal halide and industrial lighting; why bespoke knowledge makes better business sense

One Energys client, Parker Hannifin, has set a corporate objective of a 5% energy reduction per annum. EHSE & Facilities Manager Tony Woodward realised that one of the best ways to achieve this goal would be to phase out old metal halide lamps in favour of next-generation LEDs.

An estimated energy saving of at least £36,423 per annum helped convince Mr Woodward’s superiors LED replacements were the way to go. But the story wasn’t that simple.

“The fact is, I had looked at metal halide replacements in the past, but had not been able to find anything good enough,” he recalls. “But then I came across the Energys lamps. For a start, they offer the right colour temperature, an absolutely crucial requirement and one lacking from previous products I’d seen.

“An added benefit is they also have in-built fans to keep them cool. A test involving eight products further underlined my opinion of their excellent light quality.”

Consistency of light quality was a particular preoccupation for Tony, who was keen to ensure the required illumination throughout the manufacturing shopfloor.

The fixtures’ contribution to reducing radiant heat was another significant benefit; particularly given the firm’s aim of enhancing its healthy working environments by minimising staff fatigue.

The details prove an important point; LEDs are good, but you still need to do your homework. Picking the best supplier, like Energys, will deliver bespoke solutions that fit your precise needs.

Additional benefits of LED vs sodium SONs

Every factory is different, so every facilities manager must seek the right LED technology to suit the legacy replacements needed.

In the example of facilities using sodium SONs, Energys LEDs ranging from 20W to 100W will effectively replace SONs ranging from 70W up to 400W.

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