Energys Group Managing Director urges energy, estates and building managers to “avoid delay” and act before EU Ecodesign lighting updates come into effect

Following recent reports that proposed updates to Europe’s Ecodesign laws “will see the effective banning of both tungsten halogen and compact fluorescent as light sources by 2020”, Kevin Cox Managing Director of Energys Group urges EMs/FMs/specifiers/ consultants to push ahead with planned lighting refurbishment as, “the longer they wait, the more they are going to lose.”

Kevin highlights the key factors that could lead to increased costs for customers over the next few years, “including the impact of Brexit on trade tariffs, the rising costs of luminaires, and the changing regulations, all of which could mean replacement costs of luminaires and lamps will be higher in the long term.”

However, rather than waiting until the increasing costs and waste of an ageing system become unsustainable, Kevin urges those responsible for looking after the lighting systems in commercial, industrial and public sector buildings, to take control of the situation sooner rather than later.

“Decision makers and specifiers should avoid delay before it results in a situation where they are unable to find replacement lamps or the costs of basic maintenance become unreasonable. If they seize the initiative by taking advantage of funding today, they will be achieve benefits and savings both in the short- and long-term.”

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