Energys Group’s range of New Vision energy efficient LED fixtures have been chosen to replace the existing high output fluorescent and metal halide fittings at Prompto Despatch in Cork, Ireland. The new fittings offer a highly energy efficient LED solution coupled with a 14-month payback.

With an extensive fleet of modern vehicles and state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, Prompto Despatch Ltd has steadily developed into one of the most efficient delivery services in Ireland since its foundation in 1986.

Following an audit and assessment of the existing lighting by Impact Energy Solutions, it was obvious from a detailed lighting report that the time was right to upgrade all current fluorescent, metal halide and SON lighting to an LED solution.

Office space

The office facility was previously equipped with standard 600×600 T8 fluorescent luminaires. Each fitting had 4x18W T8 fluorescent lamps (=108W including the ballast). Impact Energy Solutions suggested replacement of these fittings with New Vision 36W LED panels, resulting in improvements in light output coupled with immediate energy savings in excess of +65%.

Warehouse space

Even greater savings have been achieved in the warehouse space. Prompto’s 400W M/H lamps (=456W including ballast) were retrofitted with New Vision’s ‘plug & play’ 80W LED SON lamps, achieving instant energy savings of +75%.

External and internal floodlights

All external & internal 250W & 400W M/H floodlights have been replaced with New Vision’s 80W & 100W LED Floodlights, resulting in energy savings of +70% and a step-change improvement in light quality and output.


The shrewd decision to switch to New Vision LED technology has had an immediate and positive impact on the company’s bottom line thanks to a reduction in lighting energy costs by +60%, plus virtually zero requirement for maintenance.

The New Vision products also offer further piece of mind thanks to a guaranteed 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What the customer says:

“It was obvious from the outset that as soon as the New Vision LED lighting was installed we had made the right decision, with much improved lighting levels and instantly reduced energy costs.

“Impact Energy Solutions followed this up, by submitting and securing a Carbon Credit Rebate on our behalf for the LED lighting upgrade project. Apart from reducing our energy costs by more than 60%, we are delighted Prompto Despatch Ltd. is playing its part in reducing our national CO2 emissions.”

James Delea, Managing Director Prompto Despatch Ltd.

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