0Sports hall lighting rarely wins priority over other key investments, such as equipment or flooring. But it has a massive effect on player performance, safety and spectator enjoyment too.

Energys Group has extensive knowledge across many sectors, in particular lighting sports halls and sporting facilities. We understand the minutiae, and we know why the right solution is so important.

This is partially because we sponsor international squash talent Ben Coleman. Given how vital funding for sporting endeavour is, Energys is doubly proud of this involvement.

But our sponsorship also gives us insider insight into the realities of competing in the world’s top arenas. We use Ben’s input to inform and inspire our product offering across sustainable lighting.

“I’ve played on squash courts all over the world, and one of the most important parts to get right is the lighting,” Ben explains. “LED lighting has been introduced into many courts now and players always value it.

“LEDs are bright enough so that you can always see the ball really well, but the latest solutions also minimise any glare which is really, really important during the match and under high pressure situations.

“LED lighting is also more sustainable. I’m not an expert on the environment but I know we must cherish and protect it, and do all we can to make sporting arenas as green as possible.”

The path to sporting sustainability

Different activities have different lighting needs. In sport, fast moving balls mean accurate lights are key. Halls must be kept cool and fresh. Glare can harm the opportunities for players to offer their best.

Energys knows all this, and knows the solutions too. The truth is that next-generation LED lighting technology is being adopted rapidly in sports arenas, facilities, and even in schools across the world. It’s cooler, glare-free, adaptable and affordable.

Nonetheless, specifying this tech requires care and attention. Every LED will deliver significant cost-savings and increased life expectancy, but it is not true that every LED is the same.

Massive benefits can result from implementing the best LEDs in conjunction with intelligent lighting control; but you need the right control suite and the right framework technology.

For example, you may want to specify LED floodlights for minimal flicker, helping cameras offer up the best slow motion replays. You could use various scene settings; perhaps one for creating the best atmosphere pre-match, then another for flicker-free recordings when the event begins.

Moreover, LED lighting can have an enhanced effect on the body’s natural circadian rhythm cycle; essential in sport. LED has a much higher content of the blue end of the colour spectrum, which helps to suppress melatonin levels and encourage a greater sense of energy and vitality.

This is perfect for sporting facilities, whether international squash courts or the local school hall. Players, coaches and spectators alike benefit from what LEDs can bring to the arena.

More detail on Energys’ bespoke range of LED suites and solutions for sports halls is available here. We remain proud to support Ben, and indeed proud to help any school or facility delivering the next generation of UK talent.

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