Energys Group, specialists in energy efficient retrofit technologies and Smart Eco Energy Ltd have announced a partnership with Utility Rentals to help schools and academies significantly reduce their lighting energy costs through the provision of a funding scheme dedicated to schools. This  leasing scheme requires no capital investment and allows the school to pay for the equipment from the energy savings achieved.

As one of the UK’s leading equipment leasing companies for schools, Utility Rentals will work with both companies to provide a flexible operating lease  which enables schools to benefit from energy saving technologies. This includes the widely-adopted and industry leading retrofit lighting converter Save It Easy.

Save It Easy® is a patented plug in adapter which allows schools to replace old style fluorescent lamps   with energy-efficient equivalents. Save It Easy® utilises existing light fittings and wiring and generally there are no modifications required, resulting in minimal disruption to schools during the installation period.

Once installed, Save It Easy can help schools unlock energy savings of up to 65%. This is usually sufficient to more than cover the cost of a school’s annual rental for Save It Easy® lighting, thus helping the school to free up precious capital budget for other critical projects.

In addition to utilising Save It Easy to generate significant energy savings, the scheme supports the use of a wide range of lighting solutions including retrofit technologies, new light fittings and state-of-the-art LED lighting options.

Operating Lease
As Utility Rentals work exclusively with the education sector, their lease solution is designed specifically with schools in mind and is a proven operating lease, which can be paid for using the school’s revenue budget. Flexible rental terms are available for schools and rentals can be structured in line with school budgets.

Kevin Cox, Technical Director at Energys Group, comments: “There are still thousands of schools using old, and inefficient fluorescent lighting and recent budget-cuts make the funding of upgrades almost impossible. The Utility Rental lease scheme, which we will deliver in partnership with Smart Eco Energy Ltd, offers an innovative solution to funding challenges: instant energy savings with no up-front costs. Using this scheme we can specify the correct solution for the school using a mix of retrofit technologies, new light fittings and LED and deliver it without any need for capital investment from the school – and in most cases there is a significant cash benefit due to the dramatically reduced energy bills”

Peace of Mind
Under the Utility Rental lease scheme, all of the lighting equipment is warranted for the duration of the lease period. Supply and fit of the equipment is included as standard, and   all  on-going maintenance can be included in the package if needed. All of this can be covered by the lease’s periodic payments.

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