This year Salix has launched a new fund that aims to support energy efficiency projects in multi-academy trusts (MATs) and sixth form colleges (SFC).

The new Salix Energy Efficiency Fund (SEEF) is designed to support numerous energy efficiency upgrades including LED upgrades and boiler control installations.  Here we answer your questions on SEEF and the results you can achieve with the support of the new Salix funding scheme.

What is the funding for?

The Salix Energy Efficiency Fund focuses on supporting academy and sixth form energy efficiency projects that need capital to invest to save but may not meet the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) criteria.

Who is eligible for funding?

SEEF funding is available for all academies including multi-academy trusts (MATs) and sixth form colleges (SFCs).

What energy efficient projects does SEEF support?

Numerous energy efficiency projects can be carried out under SEEF including LED lighting upgrades, heating control installations and boiler and heating system upgrades.  See here for a full list of eligible technologies. Energys Group offers a number of energy saving technologies which are eligible for SEEF funding.

What’s the payback period?

Projects must pay for themselves within 8 years through annual energy savings. If the project doesn’t meet the 8 year payback target, capital can be put towards paying back SEEF.

Where can I apply?

Application forms for SEEF can be found here. All completed applications will need to be emailed to

Suppliers are permitted to complete and submit Salix applications on behalf of clients; Energys Group has helped numerous schools and academies with this process. Contact us for advice.

What is the deadline for applying?

Applications for the Salix Energy Efficiency Fund can be submitted from October 2016. The deadline for applications is 3pm on Friday 13th January 2017.

What are the benefits of a SEEF funded energy efficiency upgrade?

Looking for real-life examples of what can be achieved through Salix funding? Energys has helped many schools and colleges save money and improve learning conditions with Salix-funded upgrades. One of our clients, Hackney Community College, is saving 320 tonnes of CO2 a year through the instalment of Energys LED lighting and boiler optimisation technologies.

Salix funding has also helped Harry Gosling School achieve £7K annual energy savings with an LED lighting upgrade from Energys. For more inspiration read our education case studies page.

Looking for advice on how to save energy in schools? Contact us and ask for a free site survey.  

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