Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, is saving £3,800 a year on its energy bills after insulating its plant room equipment using Energys Group’s ValveWrap solution, which helps prevent heat being wasted.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is a big priority,” comments Paul Falco, General Manager at Grange Paddocks, which is managed by SLM on behalf of East Herts Council. “We have the ISO 14000 Environmental Management standard, which means we continually monitor our environmental impact and look for ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. It’s really embedded in our ethos – we discuss ways to lower our carbon footprint in team meetings, and we encourage employees and customers to walk to the leisure centre and use public transport instead of driving.”

Wasted heat

Grange Paddocks has installed various energy-saving measures in partnership with East Herts Council, including variable speed drives and swimming pool covers.

The plant room was identified as a key source of energy waste. The lack of insulation surrounding the plant room equipment meant that heat was being wasted and therefore energy was being used needlessly.

Insulating covers

The leisure centre installed 116 insulating ValveWrap covers from Energys Group, Each cover consists of a 50mm-thick foil-backed mineral wool quilt, within a casing.

Energy savings

The valves have made a huge impact on Grange Paddocks’ energy consumption. Energys Group calculates that the leisure centre is saving 29 tonnes of CO2 per year. Grange Paddocks has also reduced its annual energy bills by £3,804, which means the project is on track to pay for itself in just 14 months.

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