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Payback in 15 months

Energys Group offers flexible, reusable insulation covers for valves, flanges, filters and fittings.

The coverings wrap around plant room equipment, so that no heat is wasted. The result is a substantial reduction in carbon emissions and energy costs – delivering typical payback within 15 months.

Simple insulation solution

An un-insulated valve of just four-inches in diameter will radiate 1722kW of heat per year. This is useless, wasted heat that drives up energy costs. However, simple, retrofit insulation can unlock immediate savings.

Tax incentive

ValveWrap qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA), a government scheme that provides a tax incentive for organisations to invest in energy-saving equipment.

High-energy T8 fluorescent lamp ban

The Government has banned the sale of lamps containing mercury.

Are you prepared? 

Make the switch to LED today.