The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has announced that from January 2017, all its members will participate in an ‘industry-wide market surveillance initiative’. The move will include randomised product inspections to ensure that the market has access to compliant and quality lighting products.

What is the LIA surveillance initiative?

The initiative aims to give consumers confidence in LIA member products, with the introduction of vigorous product testing by qualified laboratory engineers. LIA members will be randomly selected to put forward their products; test results will then be collated and published in an annual survey.

Raising standards in the lighting industry

The LIA surveillance initiative will ensure a level of confidence is maintained when buying from LIA members and that member products comply with safety and performance standards. These products will be recognised by the LIA member certification mark to highlight a trusted and high quality product.

How it will work

At the start of each quarter, the LIA will randomly select a minimum of 40 companies to put forward their products to undergo a rigorous quality control assessment. When a company has been randomly selected, a product from the company’s portfolio will be randomly chosen and put forward for testing.

More clarity and confidence for consumers

Kevin Cox, Managing Director of Energys Group said, “We are very supportive of the LIA’s initiative, which will provide a much needed push to drive quality in the lighting industry and give customers the reassurance that products stand up to manufacturer claims. As members of the LIA, Energys Group is proud to confirm that all of its products are covered by this extremely important initiative.”

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