Energy Efficiency Finance

Quick win solutions

Every responsible organisation has lower energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint among its prime objectives.

But in today’s financial climate, research shows that a lack of investment capital is often the greatest barrier to achieving those objectives. At Energys Group, we believe in removing the barriers to energy efficiency.

We have a range of funding solutions for private and public sector organisations. Let us help you find the right one for you. 

Leasing Options

Our scheme helps you protect yourself from future electricity price rises at today’s historically low cost of borrowing.


Schools and Public Sector Lease

Energys, in partnership with Utility Rentals and Smart Eco Energy, offers a funding scheme tailored to the needs of schools.

Financing energy efficiency

Our own 13 year operational lease for schools & colleges where we guarantee the savings.


Salix Finance Scheme

Government-backed financing for public sector organisations.

Carbon Trust 0%-Interest Loans

Government-backed loans for SMEs in Wales and Northern Ireland only.

Pay to Save Scheme

A new scheme from Energys Group where your energy savings fund the project.

Interested in energy efficiency financing solutions? Contact us to find out more.