Specialist in low carbon retrofit technologies, Energys Group, is launching the ‘Shared Savings Scheme’, where its payment for supplying, installing and maintaining energy-efficient lighting is taken out of the resulting savings on energy bills – with no other charge to the customer.

The ‘Shared Savings Scheme’ builds upon the energy savings potential of Energys’s well-established retrofit lighting converter, ‘Save It Easy®’, which allows energy-efficient T5 lamps to be slotted into the existing fluorescent light fittings. This simple upgrade can unlock savings of up to 65% on electricity bills.

The savings that result from a typical Save It Easy installation are so high that Energys is able to offer its clients a unique financing scheme, where there is absolutely nothing to pay ‘out-of-pocket’ for the lighting upgrade.

Under the Shared Savings Scheme, the financial benefit arising from the new energy-efficient lighting is shared between Energys and the client. This generous split – with the client pocketing up to 50% of the financial savings on energy bills – provides a low-risk way to unlock the cash savings available from lighting upgrades.

Apart from an agreed proportion of the financial savings that result from the Save It Easy installation, the client will owe no other payment to Energys. There is no capital cost; no charge for warranty or servicing; and no interest payments.

Clients can choose between two packages:

  • Standard service: Energys supplies and fits the new lighting, but the client performs day-to-day maintenance.
  • Full warranty service: Energys provides full, on-going maintenance of the lighting, in addition to supplying and fitting the new lighting.


Under the Shared Savings Scheme, not only do clients benefit from a free lighting installation and savings on their energy bills, they also benefit from the resulting reduction in carbon emissions.

If an organisation is liable under environmental legislation, such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, cutting carbon has real financial benefit. For organisations with mandatory carbon-reduction targets to meet, the Shared Savings Scheme can also provide a low-risk approach to lowering an organisation’s environmental impact.

Aidan Salter, Managing Director of Energys, comments: “Organisations are paying higher energy bills for every day that they leave in place old, energy-draining fluorescent lighting. For companies that wish to benefit from low-energy lighting, but do not have the funds available to undertake such a project, the Shared Savings Scheme offers an innovative solution: instant energy savings with no out-of-pocket costs.”

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