Leisure centres can save serious money, and serious amounts of CO2, simply by delivering on energy efficiency potential.

‘Just by making a 10% improvement in the management of energy use, UK leisure facilities could save up to £70 million each year and reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands of tonnes,’ explains the Carbon Trust.

‘In a typical sports centre, energy costs are second only to labour costs, accounting for as much as 30% of total running costs, a higher figure than in most other sectors.’

The Trust says heating can account for 60% of total energy costs, but managers can reduce these by up to a third through efficiency. And on average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting, which can again be cut by a third.

Once you’ve established the savings, look to add value

Given the figures above, it’s a certainty that energy efficient lighting upgrades will save leisure centres money. However, they can also add value to the centre’s operations and add quality to the experience of using the facilities.

When looking at lighting upgrades, additional measures can and should be built in, which offer a much more sophisticated and user friendly experience to the customer.

When that’s the upgrade path chosen, it’s no longer just about saving money. Happier, more comfortable customers will stay customers longer, and report positively on the experience your leisure centre provides.

Daylight harvesting

Daylight harvesting is a technology whereby lighting is adjusted automatically according to natural lighting levels. A photosensor detects the amount of daylight in the room and adapts artificial levels to suit.

“If it’s a bright day outside, the system automatically compensates,” says Energys Managing Director Kevin Cox. “It’s essential that staff can see within sports facilities clearly. And that customers themselves can see comfortably. Daylighting matches internal and external light to achieve this. And it saves energy.”

Scene setting for different sports

Another superbly adaptable upgrade involves scene setting. “Different activities require differing levels of light,” says Cox. “A rapid game of badminton demands almost the opposite ambience compared with yoga sessions for example.

“Using a tablet that can be pre-programmed to suit requirements for different sports, staff can easily achieve the perfect light balance to keep customers happy and comply with Sport England criteria. And staff simply dial up the setting they require in moments.”

LED choices

LED products from the Energys Group can light an entire facility; LED tubes, panels, downlights, hi-bay units with intelligent multi-sensors, wall lights, SON replacement lamps and floodlights all feature in our far reaching projects.

“The right specification of intelligent auto-sensing lights in sports halls and indoor track spaces will also provide additional savings when unoccupied,” comments Cox.

“Our message is this; energy efficiency delivers massive savings at leisure facilities. But look at how the right LEDs and products improve the quality of your offering and day to day life at your centre too. That’s where the real value is found.”

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