Today’s businesses face an urgent challenge; energy prices are going in one direction, up. Logically enough, this makes the case for energy efficiency even more compelling; the less you use, the less you spend.

At Energys, the evidence behind rising costs is mounting. “When we estimate energy saving calculations for customers, we’ve recently based their calculations on energy prices of around £0.11p/kWh,” explains Raj Gunasekaran, Business Development Manager, Energys.

“But today, speaking with my clients, I find their real world energy charges are in some cases as high as £0.17p/kWh.

“It’s my job to track the market, and I’m keen to stay ahead of the game. But the trends increasingly make it clear that for my customers to stay ahead too, as energy prices have gone up, they must think smartly about reducing energy use.

“If they don’t, they risk losing more and more money. Contrastingly, building efficiency into their activities, as a barrier against rising prices, makes the benefits of using less power even more valuable.”

The proof is in the pudding

Proving the point, The Telegraph writes: ‘Wholesale electricity prices have climbed 32% from last year due to concern over the country’s wafer-thin power supply margins.

‘UK energy suppliers have shouldered the highest wholesale market costs in 2 years, and face further cost hikes ahead alongside a political crackdown on rising bills.’

No matter what your position on the politics of electricity costs, it’s clear the wisest firms should act now, to protect themselves against the financial pressures of the UK energy landscape.

Costs are rising, and no matter why, staying in business is about tactically minimising your energy usage today.

Energy efficient funding; beating price rises the smart way

For plenty of firms though, there’s a challenging disconnect. Energy efficiency saves you money, but you have to spend to install it. Or do you?

“Many organisations don’t even need to use upfront capital,” says Gunasekaran. “We understand that sustainability measures come with a cost.

“Even if that cost is payed back rapidly, as is usually the case in a couple of years, you still need to find a way to pay for efficiency at the point of install.

“Therefore, Energys operates flexible and bespoke funding solutions, to remove the barriers to energy efficiency.”

The promise of the pound

It’s always tough to take spending proposals to the board, especially in times of heightened external costs on energy. But now, more than ever before, thinking strategically is key.

Energy efficiency reduces costs, and adds extra wins when such costs are ramping up day in day out. It also adds reputational benefit, and will likely improve the quality of your estate and the happiness of your employees.

Contact us today, and see how financing LED improvements can help insulate you against UK energy cost volatility.

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